Caring Individual Pet Cremation Services

At Tendring Pet Cremation, we offer a full range of caring individual pet cremation services.

Losing a pet is a very personal experience. We think this means that your pet’s cremation should be personal, too. That’s why we only cremate one pet at a time. So you will always know the ashes you receive are from your pet, no one else’s. An individual pet cremation service starts with a single point of contact and includes the moment when we return your pet’s ashes on to you. However, it doesn’t end there.

For example, we also have a farewell room that will be at your exclusive use. This will allow you and your family to say your final goodbyes in a private and quiet place that is appropriately dignified. Our crematorium will also be at your exclusive use. Your contact here will also be on hand to provide you with anything else you may need.

Dog cremation

We want to make the entire process of beginning to grieve for your pet as stress-free as possible. That’s why you can also turn to us for caskets, urns, scatter tubes and framed photos. We have everything you might need, but, of course, there is no obligation on your part to take us up on this part of the service.

Cat Cremation

We operate by appointment only. This means that our entire facility will only be available to you and your family and guests when saying your final goodbyes. Little wonder then, that we have received so many glowing testimonials from clients who have been touched by the service they have received here. We’d like to offer you – and your passed pet – the very same high standard of service, too.

Small Pet Cremation

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