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Choose A Dignified Urn or Casket For Your Pet’s Ashes

Providing a serene location for the cremation of your pet is only part of the service on offer at Tendring Pet Cremation. We also know that you will want to receive your loved one’s ashes at the end of the process. For many of our clients, this also means obtaining a suitable urn, casket or scatter tube that they can either return home with them or use to scatter their pet’s ashes in a place of happy memories. No matter what you choose to do with your pet’s ashes – to keep them, to scatter them or to do a combination of both – we think what the provision of a dignified casket or urn is paramount. This is why we offer such a wide selection of these tributes as well as some tremendous pet memorial products.

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Our Range of Caskets

To begin with, the caskets on offer from Tendring Pet Cremation are all built to a high standard and provide a respectful last resting place for any pet’s ashes. These wooden-built caskets will keep the ashes safe and sound for as long as you like. What’s more, they can be purchased in various sizes to suit any size of recently departed pet. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more discreet that will also serve as a tribute to your lost pet, then why not consider one of our tribute boxes. These can be personalised with an image of your departed pet and kept as a memento of their time with you.

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Our Range of Urns

Like our caskets, our urns are all made to a high specification and will provide you with a dignified receptacle for your pet’s ashes. We have some that are specific to certain types of pet, such as our charming sleeping cat urns, for example. However, there are many that provide a simpler beauty that is suited to any animal, such as our onyx tribute urns or our serenity urns. No matter which sort of urn you prefer to keep your pet’s ashes in or to use to scatter them, we will be able to provide you with the right sort of product that offers their memory the right sort of dignity.


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