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Private Individual Dog Cremations That Offer A Dignified Farewell

The loss of a companion such as a dog is a difficult experience to endure and can become emotionally draining on you and your family. Having sadly experienced losing a much loved companion ourselves we completely understand how hard and devastating this time can be and we will always do our very to help all our pet owners at this difficult time. 

Choosing our private and personal same day dog cremation service is one of the many things you can do as pet owners to help navigate this sudden change and help you begin to grieve. 

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Our Respectful and Compassionate Approach 

From Your very first contact with a member of our team, We will always aim to provide you with a single point of contact throughout the process, Ensuring a more personal touch while providing the support And guidance during your loss. 

We welcome All our pet owners to the crematorium directly and provide you with a private Farewell room for you and your family to spend precious final moments with your beloved companion whilst allowing you the space to grieve in private. 

We also off our home collection service where the same level of care will be provided to you from the comfort of your own home and our trusted team member will help you to make all the arrangements for you dogs final journey. 

We guarantee that your dog will be cremated individually so that the ashes you receive will be of your dog and your dog only. With our same day cremation service this takes the added worry of cold storage and ensures there is no delay in returning your beloved dogs ashes back home to rest. 

We can provide you with a variety of Quality urns and caskets to forever memorialise your much-loved companion at home. Alternatively, we can provide you with one of our Bluebell woods scatter tubes for you to scatter at their memorable places. 

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What to expect from our Individual dog Cremation? 

Our Individual dog cremation service comes as appointment only here at the crematorium to ensure that every pet and owner that comes into our care receives undivided attention and the time they deserve when welcoming all our dog owners to us directly, helping owners through the process and come to terms with their loss. However, we do provide a home/veterinary  collection and return service throughout Essex and Suffolk if you don’t feel comfortable in attending the crematorium yourselves.  

For our Same Day, Individual Cremation services before 1pm, We allow 2-4 Hours after you have said your goodbyes in our farewell room, or your companion has reached us with our home/veterinary  Collection service before we aim to give you a call to arrange the collection of your companions’ ashes. We recommend Returning home or taking the time to visit the local town and will call you as soon as they are ready to be collected and returned home.  

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