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The loss of a pet is an emotional and difficult experience. No matter how big or small, a pet is a constant companion, and adjusting to the loss of this companionship can take time. At Tendring Pet Cremation, we offer caring, compassionate animal cremation services to help pet owners say their farewells. During a difficult time, you can trust us to deliver a respectful individual cremation for your small animal. Our hamster and rabbit cremation services are private and personal, giving pet owners and families the time and space they need to reflect and remember their pet.

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At Tendring Pet Cremation, we offer respectful animal cremation services for all kinds of small pets. We understand that a small animal holds just as important a place in the family as any larger pet. From guinea pig and rabbit cremation, to parrot or hamster cremation; Tendring Pet Cremation provide all small animals with a compassionate send-off.

Our entire operation is devoted to your pet alone on an appointment-only basis. From the very start, we provide our clients with a single point of contact; so, you will always be able to speak with the same caring professional. We also provide a collection and return service from your home or vets to our crematorium, located just outside of Manningtree, Essex. We will cremate your small animal on its own and return your pets ashes the same day. If the service is provided after 1pm, your pets ashes will ready for return the following morning. We can even supply urns, caskets and memorials for you, too.

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Rabbits have long been a well-beloved pet all over Britain, much-loved for their intelligence, wilfulness and affection. Their unique personality always finds them a place in a family’s heart. This is why we provide a caring rabbit cremation service, to give your pet rabbit a respectful final farewell. Equally, guinea pigs are loved across the country. Whether curious or timid, every guinea pig brings its unique character into the family. At Tendring, we can help you say goodbye to your guinea pig, and memorialise their place in your family. Hamsters can be independent creatures, but they also thrive on human affection, and that has long made them a popular pet. If your small friend has passed away, a hamster cremation could help your family to say goodbye.

Gerbils, rats and mice are very sociable creatures, and will bring a lot of character and activity into a home. Small rodent owners will know just how sociable, curious and fun these little creatures can be. If one of your rodents has passed away, a cremation is one way you can memorialise your small friend. Finally, ferrets have been friends with people for thousands of years. Full of energy, and always ready to play, these little creatures bring a whole lot of liveliness into a home. A cremation is one way you can say a proper goodbye and adjust to the loss.

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