What Happens When Your Pet is Put to Sleep at a Veterinary Surgery?

What Happens When Your Pet is Put to Sleep at a Veterinary Surgery?

What happens when your pet is put to sleep at the vets? Many pet owners face this difficult decision at some point in their lives. Whether due to illness, a tragic accident, or simply old age, the death of a beloved pet is sadly inevitable. While we all must face saying goodbye to our pets eventually, there are ways to make the impact less painful. In order to make this transition easier, there are a few things that can help prepare you for their passing.

How to Cope With The Euthanasia of a Pet

Here are a few ways to ease the pain of a pet’s passing:

  • Firstly, it is important to remember that the death of a pet is a natural process. It is entirely reasonable to feel grief at this sad time. While it is heart-breaking to undergo, accepting that it is time for them to go will help ease the transition.
  • Try to focus on the happiness and love you brought them throughout their life and spend quality time with them in their last days.
  • Speak to your vet about the process of euthanasia. They will guide you through what happens when your pet is put to sleep at the vets and offer emotional support.
  • If possible, be there with your pet when they pass. While this will be hard for you, being present will provide the comfort of a familiar face when your pet passes. This will make the process less distressing for your beloved pet.

Once you have a good understanding of how to cope with the euthanasia of a pet, you can then discuss with your vet how to lay them to rest.

Laying Your Pet to Rest

Now that you are aware of what happens when your pet is put to sleep at the vets, you should think about how to lay them to rest. The best way to lay a pet to rest is a personal choice. Some people prefer to bury their deceased pets somewhere meaningful or preserve their memory in some way. In most instances the vet can remove the body without your involvement. However, this is very impersonal and cannot provide the means to honour the memory of a beloved companion. Another option is pet cremation, which allows you to keep or scatter their ashes in a way that treasures their memory.

It is important that however you lay them to rest it is respectful and compassionate, to provide peace of mind. It is also important to remember it is every pet owner’s right to choose the process for their pet’s final journey. If you choose the cremation service provided by the vets this will revolve around cold storage until your pet is collected from the surgery and returned 2/3 weeks later. The other option is to research into a local private pet crematorium where they will offer a same day cremation service and will have a more personal caring approach.

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