Pet Sympathy - What to Say When Pet Loss Happens

Pet Sympathy: What to Say When Pet Loss Happens

When an animal companion comes into our lives, they bring us comfort, stability, joy and companionship. Therefore, losing a beloved pet can be just as traumatic as losing any cherished friend or family member and we naturally grieve for them just the same. While pet owners will understand the painful process of letting go of a beloved furry friend, there is still a stigma associated with grieving for the death of a pet. Not everyone understands the grieving process that pet owners go through when facing this loss, and even well-meaning people can end up saying the wrong thing. That is why it is important to understand how to extend appropriate pet sympathy to those who have lost a beloved companion.

Loss of a Pet: What to Say

The most important thing to remember when dealing with a pet owner’s loss is to never dismiss or belittle their grief. Even if you do not understand the connection the owner had with their pet, it is important to recognise and acknowledge their sorrow if you are offering genuine pet sympathy. Something else to keep in mind is that expressions of sympathy need to sound sincere, otherwise they can be as hurtful as any dismissive statement. Avoid impersonal form letters or cards that do not speak to the pet owner’s personal grief: the owner will recognise the lack of care which can then deepen their distress. As such, it is important to consider how to best express your condolences in an authentic and sincere manner.

Pet Loss Quotes and Poems

Store-bought sympathy cards may seem like a convenient way of expressing pet sympathy, but they often do not reflect the personal connection that an owner had with their pet. Personalising your quotes or choosing poems for the grieving owner will show that you personally care for their loss. For example quotes like: “Our pets bring us friendship and joy, may those memories bring you comfort at this time” show that you understand their connection to the owner with the possibility that they can reflect on the happiness their companion brought them. Reminding the owner that you are there to help them through their grief is also important. Ultimately, finding a service that understands the grieving process and how best to comfort an owner will make finding solace in the memory of a lost pet much easier.

Tendring Pet Cremation

When preparing to send off a beloved pet you need a service that will care for you and farewell your pet with respect and compassion. Here at Tendring Pet Cremation we offer same day pet cremation services that provide emotional support during this difficult time. You will be able to say farewell to your cherished pet with privacy and dignity in our farewell room, guided by one of our professional staff who will be with you during the whole process. We offer engravings on urns and caskets, or we can provide a beautiful private meadow if you wish to scatter their ashes there. Our team are fully dedicated to providing genuine pet sympathy that will ease you through your grief, so call us to today to arrange an appointment.