Should You Store Pet Ashes in an Urn?

It is not uncommon for family members to keep the ashes of their loved ones in the home. Many pet owners are also choosing to keep the ashes of their furry companions somewhere in the house. Keeping your pet ashes in urns can bring comfort and help keep their memory close. That said, having keepsake urns for ashes on display can have an effect on you and your family, and any surviving pets. So, let us have a look at whether keeping ashes after the cremation is a good idea.

Benefits of Keeping Pet Ashes in an Urn

  • Burial space can be limited, so keeping ashes in an urn after the cremation is a low-maintenance method of memorialising your pet.
  • Keepsake urns for ashes help remove some of the emotional grief related to handling the remains of your precious pet.
  • You can place pet ashes in urns in any place you feel is right. In addition, you can move it to another location if you feel that is best. Should you move home it is easy to take the ashes with you.
  • With keepsake urns for ashes, there is no risk of your pet’s burial location being disturbed by wet weather or other animals.
  • You can always choose to keep some of your pets ashes in an urn and then scatter some in a special place. Or, you could even have them made into keepsakes.
  • Keeping your beloved pet’s ashes in an urn in a prominent place in the home can bring you comfort at a difficult time.

How Keeping Pet Ashes In Urns Can Affect Your Family

While keeping ashes after the cremation can bring you comfort after your pet’s passing, you should also consider how it will affect your family. Seeing pet ashes in urns can be confronting for grieving family members, especially if the pet was with you for a long time. This can also include surviving pets who may show signs of loss. If this is the case, you might wish to consider storing your keepsake urns for ashes in a more private place. You will also need to look at what type of containers for ashes after cremation will suit your pet. Choose one that fits the memory of your pet, as well as being large enough to receive their ashes. Our range of urns includes beautiful, simplistic designs, as well as various pet breeds, so you can choose the perfect memento for your furry friend.

Other Ways To Memorialise Your Pet

If you so choose, you can use some or all of your pet’s ashes in the following ways:

  • Scatter their ashes in a place of meaning or a pet memorial garden.
  • Turn part of their ashes into jewellery, ornaments, or other keepsakes.
  • Combine your pet’s ashes with some soil and allow it to help a plant or tree grow.

Tendring Pet Cremation

Here at Tendring Pet Cremation, we offer a range of urns and caskets to store your pet’s ashes after cremation. All our urns and caskets are built to the highest standards and provide a dignified container for your pet’s ashes. To find out more about our range of pet urns and caskets, get in touch with our friendly and caring team today.