The loss of a pet

Coping with The Loss of A Pet

The loss of a much-loved pet can be a devastating experience. Pets become members of the family, in fact, some people organise their lives around their pet.

It is good to know that when you experience the loss of a pet, you are not alone. There are companies out there such as Tendring Pet Cremation that will provide a dignified pet funeral and offer advice on living with pet bereavement based on years of experience.

Dealing With Grief

Grief is a very personal thing and a natural cycle for coping with loss. Sometimes, those people who have never experienced the joy of sharing their life with a pet just don’t understand why you are grieving; ignore them.

The stages of grieving after losing a pet differ from person to person and include denial, anger and guilt.

Guilt is common, perhaps you blame yourself for not being able to afford the expensive treatment that would have prolonged your pet’s life, or you made the decision to put your pet to sleep.

It is important to understand the grieving process. As you go through it, look after your own well-being, stay healthy and time will heal.

Your behaviour will change. Some people cry a lot, others busy themselves with household chores or work in an attempt to take their mind off what has happened. If you become completely overwhelmed to the extent that your grief becomes debilitating, you should visit a bereavement counsellor or therapist.

Finding like-minded people to talk to can help you to come to terms with your loss. Don’t bottle your feelings up.

Prepare in Advance for the Fateful Day

We don’t like to think about death and dying, but we have to accept that normally the lifespan of our pets is less than our own. Preparing in advance by researching what services are available in your locality is never time wasted, particularly should you experience losing a pet suddenly.

Finance is something you also need to give some thought to. Pet cremations and burials can be expensive, so why not start putting money away each week now so you can provide the funeral you want for your pet when the time comes.

Remembering Your Pet

Holding a funeral to say goodbye to your pet, to have a special time to remember them and celebrate their lives can help you on the path to finding closure. Compiling a scrapbook of photographs and memories can also help and provide a lasting reminder that you can look at whenever you are down.

If you care for other pets, they too might be missing their companion; don’t let anyone tell you animals don’t grieve. Focusing on your living pet will help both you and them.

A New Life to Love

Finally, you may decide to provide a home for a new pet. There is no right time to do this, go with your feelings. You must understand, you cannot replace the pet you have lost; they were unique. However, you can build a new relationship with another animal companion. If there is a pet heaven, you can be sure that the pet you’ve lost will be smiling that you are once more sharing the love you had for them with one of their fellow creatures.