What to Do With Pet Ashes

What to Do With Pet Ashes

Losing a beloved pet is a heart wrenching experience. Pets become members of the family and owners built close and often co-dependent relationships with them.

It is Comforting to Know, You are not Alone in Your Grief

When your pet passes away, it is good to know that there are companies who will help you to cope with your loss and provide a dignified cremation. Tendring Pet Cremation are used to dealing with bereaved pet owners and provide a caring service, together with help and advice to help you come to terms with your loss.

The Things You Can do With Your Pets Ashes

Once the cremation is over, you may be at a loss in terms of what to do with pet ashes. There are a number of options open to you, all of which will help you to remember your pet in a treasured way.

Cremation Urns

A cremation urn is a popular choice for many people. Some people will store them away, whilst others will put the urn on display in a prominent position in their homes.

A Precious Keepsake

Keeping ashes in an urn enables a small amount of ash to be taken out and placed in a locket that can be worn around the neck or put in a small decorative box that will fit easily into a handbag or pocket. This is a way that enables someone to still feel close to their pet and it can help them through the grieving process.

Burying Pet Ashes

It is also common for ashes to be buried, perhaps in a special place that your pet loved. You don’t need permission for burying pet ashes in your garden, and you could include a small headstone or marker bearing the pet’s name. You can visit the spot whenever you feel the need.

Scattering Ashes

Scattering ashes is another option and scattering tubes or Bio urns can be provided for the purpose. You can scatter ashes over a lake providing that you don’t do so near a water collection point, where people swim or close to a marina. If you wish to bury or scatter ashes on private land, you must get permission from the landowner. Today, it is possible to bury ashes in a dedicated pet cemetery if you live close to one.

We have covered the more traditional ways of what to do with pet ashes; but there are also other options.

A Tattoo To Help You Remember Your Pet

Some tattoo artists will mix a small amount of your pet’s ashes with tattoo ink. A tattoo of your pets image or name will be an indelible reminder of the life you shared.

Tribute Jewellery

A piece of tribute jewellery is another way in which you can carry a reminder of your pet. There are companies that specialise in providing this service and will incorporate ashes into healing stones and even diamonds. These can be made into rings, brooches, bracelets and neck chains.

Talk to the Experts, it Will Help

It is good to know you can choose what to do with your pets ashes, and that Tendring Pet Cremation services will talk things through with you in a compassionate way.